3 Reasons To Lift Weights Daily If You Want To Bulk Up!

You’ll hear it a lot..

Workout 3 days per week at the most.

But if your goal is to build muscle then I recommend working out every day.

Yep, that includes Sundays!

Here’s 3 reasons why..

1: Focus On A Single Body Part

If you’re working out 3 days per week then you’re trying to cram too much into a single workout meaning you’re not giving each muscle group the attention they deserve!

By working out every day you can spend an hour or 2 on each muscle group and not worry about overtraining because after you’ve worked on one muscle group it’s got 7 days to recover.

How about;

  • Monday = Chest
  • Tuesday = Back + Abs
  • Wednesday = Legs (Yep, you gotta’ do it!)
  • Thursday = Shoulders
  • Friday = Arms
  • Saturday = Total body
  • Sunday = Whatever you want. How about a run to strengthen your heart?!

2: Get Yourself Into A Routine And Build A Healthy Habit!

The hardest part about working out is actually getting up off the couch and getting started.

Once you get going your body warms up and it feels amazing but sometimes it’s hard to just get up and start.

I always find that if I take a day off then later in the evening I find myself snacking more and craving junk food.

Studies show that people who exercise daily, especially in the morning tend to eat healthier and snack less, probably because they feel good that they’ve exercised and don’t want to ruin it!

3: Get Results Faster!

If you’re lifting every day instead of 3 times per week then you will get results twice as fast!

You might wonder, “But won’t I be overtraining?”.

Hell no! Your body can handle a lot more strenuous activity than an hour of exercise per day.

And as long as you’re taking some good supplementsLINK and eating enough then your body will recover fine, especially if you’re focusing on only one body part per day!

So get yourself into the healthy routine of exercising daily if you want to build muscleLINK and get in shape fast!

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