The 5 Best Exercises To Build A Chest Like A Greek God!

We all want a bigger and more defined chest right?

A chest with that line in the middle that has people saying Daaaaamn, he must work out!

The truth is that the chest is actually the easiest muscle group to make bigger because it’s so easy to isolate the chest and there’s so many good exercises to work it out!

Here a 5 of my favorites.

1: Pushups!

Ah, good old pushups.

They’re a classic and there’s so many different types you can do.

The 3 main types I like to do are wide, normal and close.

Here’s a good video explaining how to do pushups to really isolate your chest.

2: Incline Dumbbell Press

  • See how to do it here.

All you need to do this exercise are some dumbbells and an incline bench and you’re good to go.

It really helps to isolate the upper part of the chest.

3: Dumbbell Bench Press

  • See how to do it here.

With this exercise you even get to have a nice little lie down as you’re working out so what could be better?

I also like to alternate this exercise by turning the weights in on the way up so that my palms are facing each other at the top which helps to isolate the inner chest.

4: Bench Press!

So what kind of list would this be without the bench press.

  • See how to do it here.

You may need to go to a gym for this one if you don’t have the setup at home.

It’s also fun because you can see the progress you’re making on your bodybuilding journey because you can easily keep track of how much you can bench.

Personally, I’m at over 800lbs right now. 😉

5: Decline Pushups!

So, these are one of my favorites.

They’re especially good because when you’re trying to show off because people are like “OMG, he’s doing pushups with his feet up in the air, talk about taking it to another level!” 🙂

  • See how to do them here.

There are so many different exercises to help build up your chest.

The 5 above are some of my favorites and you could just do only these and get amazing results!

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