3 Exercises For Bigger Biceps!

So, you want some bigger guns huh?

Don’t we all?!

Well you’re in luck because here’s 3 exercises guaranteed to help you build them biceps!

1: Incline Hammer Curls

I like this exercise because it really helps to isolate the biceps and you get a nice little sit down at the same time!

2: Dumbbell Bicep Curl

With this exercise you start with the weights by your side pointing forward and then curl them up so that your palms are facing the sky.

One way I found to make this exercise better is to alternate them in a set.

Somehow, I get a better pump if I do left arm, right arm and so on.

If I do both arms at the same time my movement gets all sloppy.

Another thing you can do is left arm, right arm then both arms for the ultimate burn!

3: EZ Bar Curl

The reason I like this exercise is because it really helps to keep your form correct.

Sometimes with the dumbbells your form can go all over the place but when you’re holding on to that ez bar you’re kind of locked in.

I like to do 5 reps of 5 when I’m doing this exercise without letting go of the weights!

Go for it! Who says that you have to do tons of different movements to get results.

Give these 3 a try and you’re guaranteed to feel the burn and bulk up those biceps!

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