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Audio Readings and Poems by Gabeba Baderoon

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01 - 07 from The Dream in the Next Body
08 - 12 from A Hundred Silences


From The Dream in the Next Body, Kwela Books/Snailpress, Cape Town, April 2005

'The Dream in the Next Body'
'War Triptych - Silence, Glory, Love'
'I cannot myself'
'My Tongue Softens on the Other Name'
'Play, Or, Watching a Film about Muslim Boys'

Poems published on other sites:

Two poems: 'Memories of a blue fortnight' and 'Other Horizons': Muse @ BOOK Southern Africa, BOOK SA, May 12th, 2009.

'My Intimate': Blinking Eye Publishing, UK.

'How to be alone': Poetry International 2006 (London).

'Time Running Across the Night', 'The Opening Minutes of a Film', 'All the Stories Come True', 'Traffic Accident', 'Fanonís Secret', 'How Not to Stop', 'We are Always too Close' and 'The Sound of My Name': Sentinel Poetry (Online) #37, 3rd Anniversary Issue ≠ December 2005.

'After revolutions': Philadelphia Citypaper.net, January 6-13, 2000.

'I cannot myself', 'My tongue softens on the other name', 'Plant Glossary', 'The art of leaving', 'The dream in the next body', 'True' and 'War Triptych - Love, Silence, Glory': Poetry International Web (Rotterdam).

'Cinnamon': Agenda - Empowering women for gender equity.

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